Code 128

Code 128

What is a code 128 barcode?

Code 128 is frequently used in industrial, retail and shipping applications. Ted Williams invented this symbology and AIM USA developed the Uniform Symbology Specification.

Character Set - The full ASCII set (128 characters). One of the advantages of this symbology is the ability to encode all 128 characters of the standard ASCII code chart.

Encodation - Three bars and three spaces are required to encode a character.

Start/Stop patterns - One of the three start characters A,B or C shall be used at the beginning of the symbol to define initial code set. The stop pattern is seven elements comprised of four bars and three spaces. The Start/Stop pattern shall not be used within the symbol nor shown in human-readable interpretation.

Code Type - Modular, varying length (UCC/EAN- 128 has several formats defined).

Human-Readable - Optional, though it is typically used.

Check Character - Required, (modulus 103 calculation).

Encoded Information - Contingent upon data requirements.

Allowable Sizes - minimum "X" dimension: .0075 inches.

Allowable Symbol Height - The greater of .25 inch or 15% of the symbol length.

This is a Code 128 symbol encoding the data CODE128