I.D. Cards

I.D. Cards: selecting the right card printer

Do you want to print Color or Monochrome cards?

A. All Eltron brand card printers can be used for both color and monochrome printing. The Eltron P310F single-sided monochrome card printer is optimized for fast, easy, economical monochrome card printing.

Do you need to print on both sides of the card?

A. Eltron models P400, P500, P600, and Max3300 all support dual sided printing.

Do you need to encode magnetic stripes or smart card chips?

A. All Eltron PSeries card printers feature optional magnetic stripe encoders and/or smart card contact stations. The Max3300 has magnetic stripe encoder option.

How many cards will you need to print per year?

A. All Eltron card printers support print volumes up to 25,000 cards per year. For print volumes over 25,000 cards per year, the dual print station P600 is recommended.

How rugged and durable must the cards be?

A. Eltron models P310, P420, P500, and P600 all have the capability to apply protective overlay varnishes with or without holograms. For higher levels of durability, the Eltron P500 features a hot roll laminating station for the application of .6 or 1.0 mil overlaminate patch materials, with or without holograms. For maximum durability, the Eltron Max3300 is designed specifically to print on Secure Card material.

How long do you need your cards to last (card life)?

A. For cards that need to last less than two years, Eltron's P310, P420, and P600 are recommended. The model P500 produces cards lasting up to five years. The Max3300 prints on Secure Card material that is warranted for ten year card life.

How often will the card be swiped through a bar code or magnetic stripe reader?

A. The P500 and Max3300 are recommended for abrasion intensive applications such as frequent bar code or magnetic stripe card reading.