Opticon Barcode Scanners

Opticon was one of the first companies in the world to specialize in the manufacture of barcode scanners. Since that time, this pioneering organization has evolved into a multi-faceted, international supplier of high-quality, automatic identification and data collection equipment to thousands of customers in diverse markets worldwide.

Opticon continues to deliver new solutions combined with the latest technologies and continues to focus on delivering high-quality products.

Barcode Scanners

Producs in range

  • OPH-3000


    The OPH-3000 combines barcode scanning with software flexibility to provide users with a competitively priced solution. Fully programmable, solution providers can create custom scanning solutions around the mobile device using the free Opticon SDK.

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  • OPH-1005


    The OPH1005, an easy to use handheld computer, is designed and rugged enough for batch processing applications in light industrial, retail, healthcare or warehousing and distribution centers. The device offers a fast processor, great memory and bright colour display.

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  • OPL-9815


    The OPL-9815 is a barcode data collector with Bluetooth and integrated GPS which allows registration of the actual time and geographical position together with the barcode data. The OPL-9815 scans fast and accurate and can easily manage a large amount of registrations.

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  • OPN-3002


    The OPN-3002 is an ultra-compact and lightweight 2D Bluetooth data collector. It is the perfect mobility partner for adding scanning capabilities to non-scanning devices such as PDAs, rugged laptops and tablet PC’s.

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  • OPN-2006


    The OPN-2006 features a high performance 1D scan engine, Bluetooth 3.0 and low power consumption during operation. It enables barcode scanning be integrated into various mobile applications including sales and service, retail point-of-sale (POS), inventory management, asset tracking, visitor registration and inventory.

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  • OPN-2001


    This small and lightweight barcode data collector enables convenient scanning and is equipped with a memory to store more than 15,000 barcodes which can then be transmitted by a USB cable.

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  • PX20


    The PX20 is a small, durable and fully functional  2D Bluetooth data collector. Featuring an integrated 2D CMOS scanner, this device, when fully charged, can offer operating times of up to 35 hours. The PX20 has a drop resistance to 1.8 meters (no need for a special protection cover) and is IP54 rated. 

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  • OPR-1101 1D

    OPR-1101 1D

    Opticon’s OPR-1101 is compact 1D laser wireless scanner, with its aggressive scan engine it can operate at a speed of 100 scans per second. This is lightweight and ergonomically shaped device fits comfortably in anyone’s hand, making it suitable for all-day scanning applications.

    Anti-Microbial versions are also available making the scanners perfect for healthcare environments.

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  • OPR-1101 2D

    OPR-1101 2D

    Opticon’s OPI-1101 is a 2D CMOS wireless imager, equipped with Zigbee 2.4Ghz, it provides users with highly reliable scanners that consumes less power, making them not only cost effective to purchase and run, but it also prolongs battery life.

    Anti-Microbial versions are also available making the scanners perfect for healthcare environments.

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  • M-10


    The M-10 is an omni-directional 2D CMOS imager which provides an aggressive reading performance to scan all common linear (1D) barcodes, 2D codes and mobile phone codes. The M-10 ideal for applications such as point of sale, reading barcodes from a mobile phone screen and document handling within banks and post offices.

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  • OPI-3601


    The OPI3601 is a pistol style 2D CMOS imager scanner and is capable of reading even the most difficult to read barcodes, either printed or barcodes on mobile phone screens. When used with the stand, the OPI3601 is an ideal presentation scanner, providing higher throughput and increased productivity.

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  • OPI-3301


    The OPI-3301 is a compact, handheld imager that uses Bluetooth capabilities to communicate with other devices. This reliable barcode scanner provides users with a perfect low cost solution for cordless barcode scanning and data collection.

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  • OPR-3301


    The OPR3301 is a compact Bluetooth handheld laser scanner that is equipped with an aggressive scan engine which can read low-contrast barcodes, as well as high density (condensed) barcodes.

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  • C-37


    The C37 is a durable CCD scanner with a wide optical window. This lightweight and ergonomically shaped device fits comfortably in anyone's hand, making it suitable for all-day scanning applications.

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  • OPL-6845R


    Compact and lightweight, the OPL-6845R is a high performance laser scanner which provides a fast and accurate scan, even when barcodes are printed with low contrast. When combined the integrated auto trigger and dedicated stand enables hands-free scanning.

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  • OPR-2001


    Sleek, stylish and lightweight, the OPR-2001 provides fast and accurate scanning, even on low contrast barcodes. The auto-trigger mode can be used with the included stand which automatically initiates hands free operation.

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  • OPR-3201


    This 1D barcode laser scanner with pistol grip enables reliable scanning. The OPR-3201 weighs only 80 grams and the auto-trigger function combined with the complementary stand allows hands free scanning.

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  • OPI-2201


    The OPI-2201 is a lightweight handheld imager designed for reading both 1D and 2D barcodes from varying distances.

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  • NVL-1001


    The NLV1001 is designed to be an easily integrated fixed position scanner. This compact yet rugged scanner is ideal for applications that require a high performance, aggressive laser scanner with the ability to fit into small places.

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