Retail Codes

Retail Codes

Q. What do I need to know about barcoding products for the retail market

A. Before any product can be labelled for use within a retail environment, you will need to have the product registered, this is done by contacting the GS1 UK.

Q. Who are GS1 UK

A. GS1 UK is the UK authority on cross sector supply chain standards. Part of the worldwide EAN network, GS1 UK delivers supply chain standards and services from for bar coding, electronic business messaging, data synchronisation and radio frequency technology using the EAN.UCC System.

Q. How do I contact GS1 UK.
  1. There are several ways to contact GS1 UK as follows

Address : Staple Court, 11 Staple Inn Buildings, London WC1V 7QH

Tel : 0808 178 8799

Fax : 020 7681 2290

Email :